YEAR: 2011
LOCATION: Aci Castello, Catania, Italy
TYPE: Residential
PROJECT TEAM: R. Forte (with Zero Architetti)

The plot is a citrus garden with stunning views of the sea and the foothills of Mount Etna. It sits within a traditional agricultural landscape designed by walls of volcanic rock or dry saie. The residential building originates from a composition of two simple volumes which fit in the center of gravity constituted by the staircase that connects the two levels of the dwelling.
Each one of this volume reveals a different level of connection with the surrounding: openness, transparence and glass surfaces in the daily living area, and filtered light for a quiet private enclave in the sleeping area.
This second "skin" is a shell - solar shading - realized with strips of wood which defines a boundary containing volumes and defining voids - small areas of ornamental garden. This wooden shield is a visually permeable element that also has the task of creating support for climbing plants and seasonal essences that will protect, with their foliage, walls facing West.

PHOTO CREDITS: Forte Architetti