YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Catania, Italy
TYPE: Offices
PROJECT TEAM: R. Forte, C. Papale - Forte Architetti

Office S is the project for a lighting distributor based in Catania. The first need of representative values for the head offices of a prestigious company became the way to develop a critical thought about the workplaces, a central theme of the national architectural debate. Our answer was: neither open spaces, nor enclosed working stations, great attention to meeting spaces for sharing ideas and projects.The new design of the planimetrical configuration breaks up the conventional straight sternness of the basic scheme - corridor+rooms - and creates a dynamic “multi perspective” space expanding and switching in a flexible, continuous movement with several transparencies, reflections, materials and visuals. 
This is the place of meetings and sharings that makes the operative rooms free from the isolation of enclosed spaces thanks to a continuous visual contact between the environments.  Light is one of the main element of the project that adds further layer of complexity: a mixture of typologies, colors, temperatures, and the optical effects on the reflective surfaces lead to the dematerialization of the curved surfaces.