YEAR: 2017
LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa
TYPE: Offices
PROJECT TEAM: R. Forte, V. Brullo, V. Di Marco

C Offices is the fit out design for the executive offices of an important company based in Cape Town. The design decisively distorts the rigid and not very functional original layout to create dynamic environments in constant relationship with each other.
A non-linear corridor articulates and marks the work spaces, in which materials and colors change and complement each other: the neutrality of the timber floor and ceiling is combined with the singularity of a strong color coating, characterizing the common spaces; the offices and the meeting room, instead, are dressed in softer colors, made unique by the refined use of timber and lighting.
The attention to detail, the choices of materials, well conceived lighting associated with a careful functional study translate into the harmonious and at the same time strongly impacting aspect that relatively small spaces are able to communicate.