YEAR: 2016
LOCATION: Catania, Italy
TYPE: Cafè and Restaurants

A restyling of a space already strongly characterized by the presence of a 'bulky' mezzanine whose shape and position dominates the entire volume. The design choice has led us to 'dialogue' with this presence, we have accepted the size and importance and we let it become the new space pin. We have lightened the exasperated structural strength, we have ‘polished’ through a plasterboard cladding and the use of a color more in line with the colors chosen for the entire space. It has thus become the new focus of the lounge bar, a majestic metal bar counter which generates a long series of light stripes that fill the entire interior volume.
At the opposite side instead, as if to exaggerate the contrast, the dining area, has a deliberately more restrained character with pastel colors and a warm lighting that branches off from the ceiling.

PHOTO CREDITS: Forte Architetti