YEAR: 2009
LOCATION:Siracusa, Italy
TYPE: Residential
PROJECT TEAM: R. Forte (with Zero Architetti)

This house is located in the center of Ortigia, the old city of Siracusa; here, ancient greek colony,  the tracks of  an ancient past are still vivid element of the contemporaneous city. Town planning restrictions and the prohibition of intervention on the building structure are the basics of the project, but at the same time the stimolation to inspire it: to maintain the integration of place identity and the misterious atmosphere of a mythical location. 

From the narrow streets of the old city entering in the house, there is a promende that continuously afford a spaces sequence that discovers, at the end, the stunning sea view of the big open window on Golfo Grande in the living room. 

Totally renewed the planning distribution for the best efficient spatial use and to expire the client’s needs.  All the finishes surfaces are renewed to make efficient the matter and durability, new furnitures by design that changes configuration according with the needs.

PHOTO CREDITS: Salvatore Gozzo Environmental Photograpy