YEAR: 2014
LOCATION: Catania, Italy
TYPE: Cafè and Restaurants
PROJECT TEAM: R. Forte, V. Brullo - Forte Architetti

Caffè Epoca is located in a prestigeous Piazza of Catania facing the waterfront and close to an elegant boulevard.  Historical values, light lunch, “aperitivo”, “caffè” rito became themes of the project; bar as meeting point, and the others social and cultural meanings of  the italian “bar” have been conceived as starting points to develope the project and renew the style maintaining the essence of an historical place.  
By a deconstruction operation the whole space has been broken and recomposed in three volumes conceived as “microluoghi”, functionally and formally diversified. 
The first one is the most precious one, imagined like an exhibit of the precious sicilian traditional “pasticceria”; the second one is the operative one, speed, functionality, movement, it changes light configuration, lights temperatures, function settlment in different times of the day; the counter – tailormade by design – is a “working machine” and it is shaped by functional needs; the third volume is the lounge area, where warm oak wood and soft lights, offer an intimate and cozy atmosphere far from the city. 

PHOTO CREDITS: Salvatore Gozzo Environmental Photograpy