Sun Ambassador Hotel*****

YEAR: 2012
LOCATION: Maputo, Mozambique
TYPE: Hotel
PROJECT TEAM: R. Forte, C. Papale

The project proposal was inspired by the urban context of Maputo, characterized by buildings that, even in a poor state of preservation, offers relevant architectural value. The fragmented composition of the facade, the presence of filter elements and the lodges at different levels are certainly peculiar characteristics of Maputo's urbanscape.
Moreover, the use of the facade materials such as marble and wood, highlight the representative character of the building of the Ambassadors Club of Maputo.Inside the building is characterized by a multiplicity of functions. At the lower levels, beside a reception and a lounge bar, are placed meeting rooms, conferences and video conferences, as well as fully equipped offices.
The following two levels are intended for a large restaurant and related services. The hall is divided over two floors and offers a nice view of the city and the possibility of a pleasant outdoor dinner.
The next eight floors are intended for hotel function: on each floor are placed 4 standard rooms, 3 junior suites and one large suite.
Finally, the last two floors host the Executive Club with exclusive meeting rooms, lounge, a grill bar and a large spa.

PHOTO CREDITS: Forte Architetti